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Here you'll find information on prices, cake tastings, design consultations and more!
Please read this entire page before placing your order.


Pricing & Icing

Pricing includes


  • Pricing for sheet cakes & cupcakes is below.

Basic Wedding Cake Pricing

  • Price varies depending on design and flavor selection; per-serving pricing scale.
  • Servings Size: is approximately 4 1/2”x1”x 3”
  • Basic wedding cake price starts at $4.00 per serving.
  • Italian Merigune Buttercream (lighter and less sweet than the American version)
  • or Whipping Cream icing. 
  • Fondant covered cake pricing is $6.00 per serving
  • Choice of available tier shapes (round, square, hexagon, ovals, scallop & heart).
  • Cake cutting instructions.
  • Cake setup and site decoration (if needed).
  • Cake box for top tier if saving.

"Extra Bling" (But, so worth it!)

  • Marshmallow fondant or chocolate Ganache icings
  • Complex icing design work and decorations
  • Handmade fondant sculpture, modeling chocolate, including draping, ribbons, plaques, bows, and sculpted design.
  • Gold and silver painted decorations and icing.
  • Buttercream or fondant painting
  • Custom-sculpted tiers.
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries.
  • There is NO extra charge for the use of fresh fruit as decoration.
  • Sugar flowers ~ While sugar blooms may be pricey, there are advantages over fresh flowers: no peticides touching your cake, color-matching is precise, and they never wilt.

There will be a $100 retainer fee due upon placing the cake order, holding your event date. Balance is due no later than two weeks prior to the wedding date.

To prevent confusion and jeopardizing the reputation of DelightfulKakes, I must request that I provide any additional cakes. (Supplemental sheet cake are available)

This covers most of the popular flavors and basic buttercream designs. It does not cover fresh or hand-made sugar flowers, cakes covered with rolled fondant, modeling chocolate, or complicated or unusual designs. These are best done by quote.

Cut and Serve service available: Guaranteeing enough servings and you don’t have to impose on “Aunt Bertha” to cut the cake. However, many caterers include cake cutting in their services, so ask. Cut/Serve service is $75 for 2 1/2 hours, includes cleanup and use of cake server/knife.

Pricing & Servings

Although you may not have finalized your guest numbers, you should have an idea of the number you are expecting. Your estimates should take into consideration the fact that the top tier of wedding cakes is often not saved and included in the total number of servings. If you would like to save the top tier, I provide saving instructions and a box. A good formula to start with is to figure 80% of your invites will attend. We can talk about needed servings at the "cakesultation" as other factors may play into the total servings needed. Consider supplementing with cupcakes or cake truffles for young guests or those with dietary needs.

Creating your cake/dessert is a partnership with you. Because I work out of a private state licensed domestic kitchen in my home, I am able to provide affordable prices as I don't have the overhead of a commercial bakery and can spend the time needed creating your special cake within a reasonable budget. With the many different types of cakes and fillings, and the countless design options available it is almost impossible for me to give a clear estimate of pricing without first designing the cake.

"Cakesultation" & Tastings for Weddings

Where do we start?

"Cakesultations"  are by appointment only. Couples are urged to schedule consults at least 2-3 months in advance during peak wedding season (May ~ September). Your private consultation is in my home where we will collectively discuss your ideas, expectations, and needed servings.  For out of town clients, most details can be discussed via phone/email.

About the "Cakesultation"

There are several important things I need to know even before we schedule a "cakesultation".  The most important of these are: 

Your Event/Wedding Date
Your Reception Time (when the first guest will arrive at the site) 
Approximate Number of Guests you are inviting. 

I can then let you know if I’m available to do your cake.  I can also answer any questions you might have, and schedule your private "caksultation".

Note:  Please understand that since most weddings are on Saturdays, I’m generally not available to meet then, although some Sundays are open.  On very busy Saturdays I won't answer the phone because I want to do the best possible job.  I promise to do the same for your cake.

This will be our most important contact and should last about an hour. During this time we’ll design your cake and discuss flavors, shapes, colors, flowers, and set up.  If you have pictures of cakes, color swatches, or cake topper, please bring them to the table.  Don’t worry if you have no idea what you want; most couples don’t and helping plan a design is an important part of my service to you.

How far in advance?

Since I do only custom order cakes, please contact me as soon as you decide to consider Delightfulkakes. I can rarely accept more than three weddings on any weekend and would not want to disappoint you.  Six months or more is preferable, but please feel free to check with me any time as I occasionally have openings only a few weeks away.

If this is a "shot-gun" type of shin-dig, where we don't have much planning time, cupcakes are a great way to celebrate, they freeze well, come in mini and standard sizes, and well, they are just plain fun!

Do you offer tastings?

Yes! I offer each couple (and up to 2 more people) a seasonal sampling of cakes and fillings.  These can be paired anyway you wish.  The tasting is to assist in deciding which flavors of cake, filling, and icing you and your guests will enjoy. These meetings normally last about an hour around the farm style table over coffee, with me personally.  Occasionally I will meet outside of the bakery, dependent on our schedules.  I regret that in order to keep my prices competitive, additional tastings/cakesultations with other friends or family members require a nominal payment for time and ingredients.

 Will you do individual cakes or centerpeice cakes?  

I am happy to do individual cakes for your guests, either single or multi-tiered, but because they require  more time and are labor intensive, the price per guest is a little more than that of traditional wedding cakes.  An order for individual cakes must also be placed much earlier so enough time can be scheduled and fewer other orders accepted.  Individual cakes are placed on each of the tables and served to those guests seated at that table.  Centerpiece cakes also can serve as your table centerpieces saving you the cost of traditional centerpieces.  A dessert bar with a special cutting cake and various dessert cakes may be the way to go.  We can discuss all of these ideas when we meet.

What is "Grooms Cake"?

And don't forget the Groom!  Modern grooms cakes usually mirror the grooms interests such as a sport, hobby, interest or favorite dessert.  We can talk about that hen we meet.  

Cake Options

  • Rentals: Special cake stands and pedestals are available. There is a fee to rent these items and a credit card for deposit is required.
  • Shape choices and combinations include: Rounds, Squares, Ovals, Hearts, Hexagons. Tiered, separated, free-floating, and cake collage'.
  • Tiered wedding cakes, dessert cakes, cupcakes, cake truffles, grooms cakes, mini cakes, table cakes, sheet cakes, and cakes in a jar.
  • Mini cakes (each guests get there own cake) and table cakes (a cake for each table) are popular options.  Also cake truffles are a great alternative to cupcakes and a unique addition to a  dessert bar.  There are beautiful cake/dessert options for most any budget and your guests will rave about your wise choice.


The cake will be delivered approximately one hour before your guests arrive. This is to ensure that the cake, flowers, and other ornaments are fresh and undisturbed by the reception set-up.

Though outdoor receptions are a bit different, I have done hundreds without any difficulty.  I often deliver these cakes as close as possible to the time guests arrive—especially if the weather is very hot—or even during the cocktail hour if it is not located in the same area as the dinner. Placement is the most important thing to consider when having a cake outdoors. It is critical to have the cake placed where it will get no direct sunlight to prevent the frosting from melting. 

Set-up generally takes no more than 20 minutes, so I’ll be gone well before your guests arrive. 

In almost every case I prefer to deliver the wedding cake myself.  There are rare occasions when it can be boxed for pickup, but these are by special arrangement only. Some limitations may be placed on the cake and you assume all risk once the cake leaves Delightfulkakes.

Floral Options

Fresh flowers for the cake and cake table can be provided by your florist, yourself, or are available for an additional charge from Delightfulkakes. If working with a florist, I will contact them for you regarding size specifications and quantity of flowers.

Sugar flowers ~ While sugar blooms may be pricey, there are advantages over fresh flowers: no pesticides touching your cake, color-matching is precise, and they never wilt.  Depending on the flower type, sugar flowers cost less than real flowers.


Novelty Cakes:                                                          Minimum $70.00

Wedding Cakes:                                                        Minimum $300.00 

1/4 Sheet cake - serves 24 - 2x2x2 pieces -           Starts at $50

1/2 Sheet cake - serves 48 - 2x2x2 pieces -           Starts at $80

  • Full Sheet cake - serves 100 - 2x2x2 pieces -         Starts at $125
  • Cupcakes (minimum 48)                                            $1.25 / MINI**

                                                                                    $2.50 / MEDIUM**

                                                                                    $3.50 / JUMBO **

     Cookies (minimum 60 Sm / 30 Le):      $1.00 Small** / $2.50 Large**


                  ** per piece/item